Organizational memory

Organizational memory (organizational memory) means that all data and information an organization has from the past to the present and can be reused if necessary.

Just like human memory, corporate memory has to record and store information in different formats and volumes and make it available again when the time comes. However, situations such as forgetfulness or mis remembering, which are common in individuals and often do not cause significant problems, can cause serious problems / losses when it comes to institutions.

Another feature of institutional memory is that it is a “collective” memory composed of data from various sources. Starting before the digitization period; There are many components that provide data to corporate memory, such as different sources, different locations, different people, different partners. Almost all of these components provide data in a different format. It is a profession to collect them under a single roof and to present the information to the use at any time and in the desired way, without error.

Document management and archiving is precisely the area where this expertise has emerged. Especially with the digitalization process, the volume of data we both produced and stored began to increase rapidly. Communication is very fast and can be done over various channels. In this sense, institutions can no longer tolerate the loss of a single e-mail. Structured archiving and document management is an indispensable need for all institutions, both in order to keep the work flow healthy, to maintain quality standards, to monitor efficiency and performance, and to carry out legal and formal processes in a complete whole.

For this reason, forms, in-house correspondence, contracts, e-mail records, visual / written reports, invoices, customer requests, work orders, official applications, etc. All documents and documents must be recorded completely and, if necessary, must be error-free and quickly accessible. In addition, corporate data and documents should be secured at the highest level thanks to special encryption and version backup techniques.

In order to perform such a comprehensive business, you will need a solution with a strong technological infrastructure, which can be integrated with the IT tools used by your organization, and will stand out with ease of installation / use. EASY DMS, which is used safely by thousands of institutions operating in different sectors in many countries of the world, offers a unique experience in this sense.

All the features you need for enterprise content management (ECM) are optimized in EASY DMS. Thanks to its flexible and modular system that can be adapted to all institutions regardless of sector and size, EASY DMS allows you to make a perfect archiving for all contents, as well as bringing the document management system to the highest level of digitalization, providing visible improvements in all your business processes in terms of security and speed.

All corporate documents kept with EASY DMS that comply with European Union standards and laws are accepted within the scope of evidence, even in courts, when necessary. In this way, you can access and control your corporate information regardless of time and place.