According to a study, 4% of consumers plan before shopping and do not go beyond this plan. On the other hand, 12% of consumers do not plan at all, and 84% of them leave the market by purchasing additional products even if they come to shopping on a planned basis.

Here’s the conclusion: Actually, we see that most of our customers tend to buy additional products.

We will do;

– Finding additional products that can be sold,
– Making appropriate displays,
– Using the techniques of selling additional products,

NOTE: The sale of additional products in Supermarkets, Hypermarkets is provided by exhibitions. Whereas in Clothing, Books, Technology, optics, etc. stores, it is made by using salesperson’s additional product sales techniques in addition to displaying additional sales.

An example of an additional sales sentence for one-to-one stores;

you consider the ( Cartridge
ink cartridge (Supplementary product) at an affordable price ( Good condition) to write beautifully with the fountain pen you received
? (Question not obliged)

– Would you consider an affordable ink cartridge to write beautifully with the fountain pen you received?


Yaşar Halim Supermarket, opened by Turkish Cypriot Yaşar Halim 25 years ago in Harringay, North London, was selected as one of the best stores of the world by the magazine “Retail Week” (2006).

Yaşar Halim, one of the best 100 stores in the world that must be seen before death, organized by the reputable magazine “Retail Week” every year, made a big name in a short time by cooking daily fresh bread that no one could find.

‘We are the first day to make and sell hot bread in London. Others would cook in the evening and sell it during the day, ”says Yaşar Halim. A customer I caught getting out of the door said ‘the bread of this place is addictive. I come to buy this bread by changing three buses every day. ”


Insert; It is the most important marketing and advertising tool used by the retailer to communicate with the customer.

In other words, it is the advertisements that are published in the store or through newspapers for the purposes of advertising, especially during promotional periods, and that contain mainly low-priced products.

Insertler can be placed inside the Store or at the store entrance as POP advertising material.

Since the inserts are used for advertising purposes (one shot), they can be effective in one shot advertisements. Such as single and half page advertisements of generally accepted products in middle or last pages ..

Since the main philosophy of inserts is to increase sales through price discount, detailed introduction about the product is not included.

The retailer tries to attract customers with different types of discounts in inserts, and even in the framework of the application, which is sometimes referred to as a “loss leader”, which means a price application below the cost price, the retailer can sell soft drink products at a loss or near profit margin. In the context of this practice, they aim to attract customers to the retailer and to profit especially in terms of other products with high prices.

For the customer, the insert is important in determining the shopping preference.

It is seen as the reward of the intense loyalty and dependency of the customers of those stores in bringing the “insert” applications to the application points almost in comparison to the stores in some countries.

With the prepared insert;

– Discounts made,
– Campaigns,
– Number of installments and banks worked,
– Company contact information
– Celebrations of important days
– Social campaigns and announcements are delivered to customers.


– 15 days (Or in specified periods)
– Weekend (Saturday, Sunday) Some retailers are adding these days on Friday.

– Special days (Fruit vegetables, Meat and meat products, Deli public days)

– For certain days and times (Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s day, Ramadan, Seasonality, School opening etc.)

– For store opening,
– Special inserts (Only 1 + 1 products, Only 1YTL, 2YTL products, a certain product group etc.) can be

Discount types in inserts;

– Second, Third,%…. Discounted or free.
– In one area, One free
– 50% Discount
– Another product free
– Trial price

Points to consider in preparing the insert

– To develop customer specific inserts. The selected products are the products that will attract the customers’ attention
. – The product quality is good.
– Market price research is well done.
– Ensuring the availability of Insert products until the end of the insert,
– Good print quality of the insert,
– The product pictures and price information in the insert are not wrong.
– Detailed information of the product (weight, feature, quantity, etc.).
– The old price of the product must be written.
– The distribution is done properly. The customer can enter his house (at the store entrance, from the apartment to the apartment mailboxes, by mail, in the daily newspaper supplement) The daily newspaper supplement is the most efficient. Enter the customer’s house directly.

Interesting applications in inserts;

– Putting promotional coupons,
– Writing information that will be of interest to customers, (Food information, Tricks, Wide explanation about the product, etc.)
– Sticking small trial products to the inserts. (Shampoo, Fruit tea, Women’s pad (Bond) etc.)

Fears of customers about Inser

– They cannot find the products in insert in the store.
– The prices of products in insert are not the same as the prices in the store.
– The picture of the product in the person and the product is different in sales.
– Considering that there is something negative in the products put inside (recent products, outdated products, the products of the company etc.)

An application on insert and Hyper / Supermarket customers as an effective tool in promoting sales