I have prepared the blog so far to share the experience and knowledge I have gained in the Retail industry and the IT department. My goal is to guide people who have been engaged in this business by sharing information and technologies related to the Retail Sector.

While we are traveling in the cycle of life, we can come across many ways. If you don’t know which way to go, it doesn’t matter where you will go and the road you are on. Nobody cares about how you ship the ship in the stormy sea, the important thing is whether you can bring the ship to the port.

When we start living life by setting goals for ourselves, it becomes meaningful and we begin to enjoy life. When we use information and technology together correctly, there is no job you can not achieve when you use the lever that Archimedes says “Give me a leverage, let me play the world in place”. Life constantly offers us new learning opportunities.

We develop and mature ourselves to the extent that we can use the learning opportunities of life. If we stop learning, we will not be able to keep up with life after a while. In fact, the life of all of us consists of the sum of the decisions we make and the choices we make. How we are human, what kind of life we ​​live is nothing more than the choices we have made so far.

Remember: “Small jobs done are more important than big jobs that are planned and not done.” “People are remembered not by how they earn their money, but by how they spend their money,” said Charles Handy. A tombstone that shows how many million dollars a person in the ground earns does not affect any passersby. What matters is what he does with the millions. ”

The most important point that none of us should forget after such words is that the real wealth is the positive differences we have created in the lives of others.

Thank you for your visit. I wish the information I shared will be useful.