Store management is one of the most difficult tasks in the business life. He needs to have a lot of skills and knowledge as a business requirement. Of course, it should be able to use it positively for personal development in the experience it will gain over time.

A good store manager;
• Personnel Management
• Customer Management
• Sales Management should be able to do well.

In Personnel Management;

• Select appropriate personnel for the job,
• Always train them,
• Create team spirit,
• Ensure their motivation
• Distribute jobs fairly, • Control the work they do,
• Focus their staff on sales.

In Customer Management;

• Knowing the customer , • Knowing the
expectations of the customer,
• Developing projects to increase customer satisfaction,
• Being close to the customers

Sales Management;

• They should know their products well,
• They should be able to set goals , • They should
create display areas suitable for sales techniques,
• They should not sell,
• They should pay attention to damage, fire and destruction,
• Store Income – Can track their expenses,

Other features of the Market Manager;

– He should be a good listener, –
He should be able to manage his time well, –
He should have developed empathy skills , – He should be
creative and innovative, –
He should have representational skills, –
He should be able to take responsibility , – He
should know where and how to take initiative.
– He must be on the field at the head of his permanent team
. – He must know the company rules and regulations.

Extra features that should be in the Market Manager;

Do not say what these mean a store manager

– When it comes to the place, it must have technical information that can interfere with the technical problems of its store. (Information processing, Safes, etc.)
-Must have contact information with official institutions (Municipalities, etc.)