Language Education in the UK

Since English language schools are quality and well-established institutions, English language education is the first option preferred by students. There are hundreds of language schools in the UK approved by the British Council. Many of the language schools are spread across the UK, including London, Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton and Bournemouth. It is possible to find a language school in almost every budget in England. Schools must be approved by the British Council in order to obtain a visa for students. In addition, some of these schools are accredited by English UK, Quality English, IALC, The English Network.

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The UK is the country with the highest number of language courses in the world, so students considering language training abroad can find many different alternatives in the UK both in terms of quality and price. Some of the language schools in England are chain schools and serve students all over the world. Operating in different countries has increased their education quality and helped them have a more professional management and education approach. Another language school alternative is schools with a boutique structure. Students who want to study in a warm environment can choose these schools. Another alternative is language schools in colleges and universities. These are schools with fewer numbers. Students who want to study in a campus environment can choose these schools. London language schools consist of both chain and boutique schools and it is possible to find a language school for every budget.

General English Courses can be started at language schools in the UK every week. Some language schools within the College and the University have certain start dates and students can only apply for these semesters.

Academix list of Overseas Education Consulting Turkey as representative of the British language school we made are as below. You can reach detailed information, price list, videos of the school and picture gallery by clicking on the profile of each language school.

Taking Language Education in the UK
England is one of the major countries in the world where language education can be taken. Every year, thousands of students from different countries come to the UK to study language in the UK, and this number is increasing day by day. Many of these students are in England to raise their English level and practice English. In addition to distinguished and quality language institutions in cities such as London, Oxford, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton, it also supports the education of students with its cultural and social life. However, England can be the only alternative for students who want to learn a proper and clean British accent. England is an indispensable country for students to practice especially with its intense social life. Turkey to be close to Turkish students and their families provide significant advantages in china. Students wishing to attend language schools are required to attend a minimum 15-hour weekly program.

Advantages of Taking Language Education in the UK
The transportation system in England is very developed. So no matter which city you are going to study, you can visit other cities very easily. You will be amazed at the development and order of the transportation system in daily life and you will notice how your life is getting easier. You will feel more comfortable especially in a cosmopolitan cities like London. Other than that, you can pass from England to Scotland, Ireland and Wales with a UK visa for England. While you are studying language in England, the homeland of English, you will feel the British culture completely.

England 2020 Language School and Accommodation Prices

4 WEEK580£ – 1.792£680£ – 1260£1.260£ – 3.312£
2 MONTH 1.160£ – 3.344£1.440£ – 3.136£2.600£ – 6.480£
3 MONTH1.740£ – 4.716£2.160£ – 4.704£3.900£ – 9.420£
6 MONTH3.240£ – 9.432£4.320£ – 9.408£7.560£ – 18.840£
9 MONTH4.860£ – 14.148£6.480£ – 14.112£11.340£ – 28.260£
  • The above UK language school 2020 prices are the promotion list prices of language schools. Language school discounts are offered between 20% and 50% at different times of the year at these prices. Please contact us to get the cheapest prices for UK language schools.

Accommodation Alternatives in the UK