Jira business, bug tracking and project management tool

Jira is a web-based business, bug tracking and project management tool developed on the java platform. It is one of the features that are frequently used in software engineer job advertisements, which are used by software companies and whose usage is increasing day by day.

One of the most frequently heard terms when using Jira is the concept of issue. When any error is encountered, issue is opened over jira. The whole system works on issue concepts. When the issues opened are examined and corrected, they are closed through the system. Meanwhile, it is reported that the error is detected and then corrected.

Why do we use Jira? Let’s first say this. At this point, the conclusion I made as a result of the observations I made was:

Especially when the employees of the test department of big companies (of course, the test departments are just starting to emerge), when we encounter a problem, we can say, “Brother, I often encounter a problem like this, you can look at the codes of this and did not make any necessary arrangements.” Thanks to the issue opened, such conversations are prevented. Of course, when we say jira, we can count more important items.

Features offered by Jiran:

When the tester encounters an error, he / she can rate the importance of this situation when opening an issue in order of urgency. It can be stated who should deal with the issue that is opened.
It makes error tracking, management and reporting faster and more professional. It provides great advantage in solution processes in very complex projects since it offers the opportunity of error tracking easily.

Subtitles can be added by opening different projects. Companies can create and change their own work flow charts as they wish.
The workflow scheme realized in the use of Jira is given below.

For detailed information about Jira:

You can visit http://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/.