Caroll adopts Openbravo POS and OMS solution to accelerate omnichannel strategy

Openbravo the cloud-based omnichannel platform for agile and innovative commerce, has announced the signing of a new contract with Caroll International, the French fashion retailer with a presence in Spain and other countries. Caroll is rapidly deploying the Openbravo order management system to provide you with comprehensive omnichannel management and allow online orders to be completed and delivered from your stores.

Fashion retailer Caroll, with 473 stores in nine countries and rapidly growing online sales, was looking for an omnichannel order management system that would help transform its physical stores, boost operational agility and better integrate its eCommerce operations.

Caroll faced three specific challenges. The company wanted to reduce the number of rejected online orders as its warehouse ran out of inventory, even though such items were available in stores. They needed a solution that could make store inventory available to serve these orders and they also wanted to reduce the number of pickup points to optimize the number of packages for their customers and thereby reduce the cost of each order (picking, shipping, etc.)

Caroll chose Openbravo for its order management (OMS), point of sale (POS), and mobile capabilities. The Openbravo OMS solution makes it possible to access store inventories from orders registered on the website or in stores. In addition, the solution supports a variety of omnichannel scenarios, such as shipping to or from store, Click & Collect, or online ordering store returns.

“We needed to access the inventory of our stores from the website in order to cover the lack of inventory in the warehouse and optimize the flow of inventory in the store. The OMS system brings additional sales to the store and has been very well received by our teams. ” said Frédéric Mayette, Caroll’s CIO.

“We chose Openbravo OMS because it meets all the objectives and Openbravo took the time to understand our needs and propose the right solution for the challenges we face today in the fashion retail industry. Collaboration between our teams made this project a success from the start. We could see positive results immediately. ” added.

“The confidence that Caroll has shown in Openbravo and the results observed in the first weeks of use confirm how the Openbravo omnichannel platform, and in particular, the OMS and POS solutions, allow retailers to easily adapt to changing market dynamics and evolve. their business quickly to adopt omnichannel retail, ”said Christophe Dubuis, French and Northern Europe Sales Director at Openbravo.

About Caroll

For more than 50 years, Caroll has incorporated smart, modern design into womenswear, bringing an inspiring and stylish vision to women’s daily lives. From creative workshops to stores, Caroll continually reinvents itself to bring women chic and desirable fashion.

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About Openbravo

Openbravo offers the cloud-based omnichannel software platform of choice for retail and restaurant chains looking to accelerate omnichannel execution and innovation. Its flexible technology allows greater agility and innovation, with lower IT costs, to offer more differentiated and personalized customer experiences through all channels, through key capabilities such as a mobile POS, CRM & Clienteling, an OMS solution, price management and discounts, mobile inventory management, or connectors with leading ERP systems, e-commerce or payment platforms for efficient end-to-end omnichannel execution. International leading brands such as BUT, Decathlon, Rubaiyat and Sharaf DG and in Spain such as Cooltra, deporvillage, Outlet PC and Toys “R” Us Iberia, prefer Openbravo, which currently has more than 18,000 back office users and 60,000 points of sale.