BELL English Language School

BELL English Language School

Bell International Language School. BELL English Language School. The Bell Language School has 3 centers in the UK. It is at the top of the list of schools that have a high level of individual interest with high education standards and specialist teachers. All centers of our school are supposed to support the work of our students. Internet access is available throughout the school.

With Bell, a student host from over 120 countries, you will be able to practice your language with the help of different cultures and friends.

The Bell Language School offers excursions, sports and social activities to your students because you are aware that you are there not only to learn the language but also to have a good time.

Our school has also created a special department for students to provide necessary support during the course and before the course.


Classrooms featuring air-conditioned seminars and state-of-the-
Classes for 12 people
Free internet access and wireless internet
There is also a hot and cold drink machine and a plasma TV with 5 computers connected and a multimedia center where you can watch the channels and videos you want.
It has 18 computers, a daily newspaper, popular magazines, learning and study center with DVD players.
Presented Programs

15, 21 and 25 hours General and Intensive English Courses per week
Exam Preparation: IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge FCA / CAE
Business English
One private lessons


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