alfresco open source

Alfresco Open Source is the ECM Solution. Alfresco open source is an enterprise content management repository (ECM)

If you are a tech enthusiast with the ability to self-support, our Community Edition products are freely available and offer powerful capabilities for non-critical business process or content needs. Alfresco’s open source software is widely adopted for community-driven development and contributions as well as for researching new features.

If you need enterprise-class features, scalability and performance, or if you plan to use the software in a production environment that requires support from Alfresco, you should consider Alfresco Process Services or Alfresco Content Services.

Alfresco Open Source

Alfresco open source is an enterprise content management repository (ECM) built by a team that includes the co-founder of Documentum. Its modular architecture uses the latest open src Java technologies. Includes Document Management, Records Management.

Alfresco is a leading open source based enterprise content management system. This article gives an introduction to Alfresco and highlights the key features of Alfresco everyone should know, may it be business user or technical architect or developer.

Alfresco is an ECM solution created by Alfresco Software in 2005 and created the same year by former executives of Documentum and Business Object.

Alfresco offers all expected document management functions: metadata, document types, document workflows and advanced workflows, category management, collaboration tools, search, management of multiple, independent databases, web content management and more. The tool may include the presence of collaborative sites, document libraries, blogs, forums, wikis, calendars, and so on. Contains an area and stands for a Records Management module. Version 4 uses a cloud instance and a mobile interface to facilitate access to the document wherever the user may be, thanks to the synchronization functions.

Now in preparation: new access to offline access, DAM functions for multimedia documents and Record Management module to be Moreq compliant.

Alfresco comes in two versions: a free version of Labs under the GPL, and an Enterprise version that provides vendor warranty and access to specific modules. Alfresco is written in JEE and has a strong user community as well as a strong development dynamics. The Alfresco Forge site is striking with a wide variety of add-ons.

Community Editions Include:

  • Limited Alfresco QA on an open source stack with bug fixes for the current version only
  • Periodic, stable releases distributed by Alfresco engineering, plus nightly builds with the latest functionality
  • Source code that is publicly available and distributed under the LGPLv3 license