Accommodation Alternatives in the UK
Accommodation for students who go to England for language education is usually organized by the schools they choose. Within each school, there are only departments that deal with accommodation. These departments carefully organize accommodation for students with different alternatives. There are different accommodation alternatives within each school. Homestay accommodation is the most preferred type of accommodation especially for short term registrations. Homestays are usually in single or double rooms, preferably with English as a mother tongue. Many of these accommodations are half board, breakfast plus room or no meals. We definitely recommend this accommodation to students who want to practice. Apart from these, student accommodation and accommodation in student dormitories are also preferred for many students. The location of the school is one of the reasons that determine the type of accommodation you will be in while in the country. As Academix Foreign Education Consultancy, you can benefit from our free service that will be provided by our professional consultants about accommodation alternatives.

Although the UK is thought to be expensive when compared to other countries, it is thought to be expensive due to its high currency. In contrast, it has become a more preferred country for many students who want to study language because of the decline in sterilization in recent years, the availability of economical and campaign schools due to the wide range of school alternatives, and closeness to our country. .

Working While Studying Language in the UK
It is not possible to work with a student visa in the UK.

How Much Does a Language School Cost in England?
Except for the current and most affordable language school prices to be offered to you by Academix Abroad Education Consultancy, students in the UK spend an average of £ 400-600 per month.

British Language School Visa
The types of educational visas in the UK vary depending on the duration of the language school you prefer. Students who will be less than 6 months apply for a short-term student visa, while students who will study between 6-11 months should apply for a long-term student visa.

Health Insurance in the UK
It is recommended that students take out health insurance before going to the UK, but there is no obligation as in America. Students who go to England for language education are not allowed to work in any way.

Documents Required for Registration:

Application fees of the schools (Application fees vary according to the schools. You can learn the application fees according to the schools during the consultation from your advisors).
Application forms of schools (You can fill these forms with your advisors or according to their directives).
Copies of your passport’s page with personal information and pages with old visas, if any.
Bank letter. (You can get this letter from your consultants at Academix offices).
Sponsor letter of guarantee. (You can get this letter from your consultants at Academix offices)

Transportation in the UK

In England, transportation prices vary greatly from your region to the region. Most öğenci of methods to minimize the cost of transportation is no different than in Turkey. In the UK, weekly or monthly tickets for certain cities are sold. However, in London, these tickets vary for transportation between certain regions. The public transport ticket between Zone 1 and 6 is £ 60.20 per week, while 1-2 a month. The public transportation ticket between the Zone is around £ 32.